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If you want to write for us, then the good news for you is that we accept high quality and informative articles for guest posting. You have to provide an article that should be relevant to the categories mentioned on our website. Remember that:

  • We don’t accept promotional articles
  • We don’t accept copied articles
  • Don’t send your Author bio
  • We don’t accept spin articles

Before you send us your article for the guest post, make sure that it is 100% unique and it shouldn’t have any spelling or grammar mistakes.

The article that you send must have

  • Minimum 600 words
  • Short paragraphs
  • Relevant headings
  • Proper formatting in .docx file (no extra spacing or words without space)
  • Number list (if required)
  • Easy to understand
  • Valued information for the readers
  • 1 HD copyright-free image (Minimum 800x450px)

You can insert 1 link to your website after 350 words. We can change the ‘anchor text’ of your link if it is promotional.  If you insert more than 1 link, we will remove all links except 1 of our own choice.

You should expect more links in the article that we may add at our own will to other relevant or high authority sites. Your sponsored post or guest post will be published from the regular author accounts. No special account will be created for you, moreover, your post will not have any tag of ‘sponsored post’ or ‘guest post’.

If you use the same content or a part of it after we publish the article on our website, we will remove the article from our site without any notification.

There might be a small fee that you have to pay for getting your guest post or sponsored post published on our website.

Casino, gambling, adult, crime, hate, illegal content will not get approved.

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