Water Leaks in Walls

Causes of Water Leaks and How to Detect Water Leaks in Walls

Water pipes damage or water leak is the scariest thing out of all the house related problems for any homeowner.  The worst part is that it is not easy to detect when hidden pipes are leaked.

If it takes more time to detect the water leaks in walls, then you could have to spend thousands of dollars to restore the plumbing system. It is because when you need to restore the underground plumbing, you have to spend more amount on paints and tiles as well.

When plumbing gets ruined from inside the walls or underground, it could damage the structure a lot. In these cases, you can only detect the water leak in walls when it is already too late.

Causes of Water Leaks In Walls

Here are some common causes of water leaks in the walls. If you know these causes, you can take precautions to avoid water leaks in the walls.

  • Weak and low-quality plumbing that can’t hold the weight or pressure of the concrete and crumples over it.
  • The extreme weather conditions, too hot or too cold when water can freeze in the pipes or can burst the pipes due to temperature.
  • External nails to hang something can also puncture the pipes in the plumbing that can cause a water leak in the wall.
  • Old pipes when due to moisture and other factors deposited rust and pipes become very weak and water pressure can cause them to leak.

Detect Water Leaks Inside Walls

Whatever is the cause, the detection of water leaks is very important and it should be done as soon as possible. Here you have a few tips that can be helpful to detect water leaks inside a wall.

Wet Spots on Wall

When there is any damage to the plumbing inside the wall, the concrete and the cement can’t soak much water and it shows you signs very soon of an inside water leak.

When the building is not under construction and you see a wet spot on the wall, it means there is a water leak inside the wall. You can see this through the wall, even if the wall is painted, you will see the wall like it’s sweating.

Mold Formation on Wall

After wet spots, the other obvious water leak sign is the mold formation on the wall. If you have plumbing in the walls or you have plumbing on the floor underground, and it is damaged from somewhere, it can start forming mold on the wall or on the ground.

So, if you witness mold formation on the wall it means water is behind it, that is the cause of this mold formation.

Peeling of Paint

Most of the houses have painted on the wall that is water-based and it can’t stand against water in its original color and stage.

If there is a water leak in the wall that is painted, you will start seeing degeneration of the paint due to moisture in that and you will also notice the peeling of paint.

Increase in Water Bill

Another factor that is helpful in the detection of water leaks is the unexpected increase in the water bill. When you see a hike in the water bill, it means you have a water leak.

Remember that this water leak can be at any spot. It is not sure that it is inside the wall. But, at least you know that you have the problem so you can either try to find the water leak yourself, or you can call an expert in the detection of water leaks.

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