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Pros and Cons: Should You Paint or Stain the Kitchen Cabinets?

Choosing painting or staining your kitchen cabinets depends on several factors. Each of the features depends on the pros and cons. Here are some pros and cons of each that will help you to select between both painting and staining.

Pros of painted cabinets

  • It gives a smooth finish

No matter what colour you choose, a painted cabinet will give your kitchen a smooth and sleek finish. But stained cabinets make the grains visible which may not give you a smooth and flawless look. Moreover, colour your cabinets with light colours as it will give you an illusion of a bigger kitchen. Whereas, the stained cabinets can’t reproduce this kind of sleek and light look.

  • It retains the hue

Painted cabinets can retain the hue, which is not same with stained cabinets. It looks more attractive with the submarine yellow, red or tranquil teal. To give your kitchen more attractive look you can consider painting. It will also hide the natural grains and knots of wood whereas stain highlights them. You can even sand and refinish a table and then apply a coat of paint.

  • Combination of MDF and Paintworks great together

If you don’t want to leave a bad impression of your cabinets, then consider MDF. It is a great option which is meant to be painted. The fibreboard comes in a wide range of colours that suits the modern kitchen and in line with its aesthetics. For example, if you choose white, grey or cream colour will make your kitchen interior to the next level.

Cons of painted kitchen

Despite many advantages, there are some drawbacks which you need to choose between painted vs. stained kitchen cabinets.

  • It hides the grains

As you know that paint is thicker than stain, so no matter how many coats of paint you apply it will hide the unique features. If you still want to highlight, staining is the way. So the decision is yours whether you want to hide those highlights or want to show it.

  • It can be complex

As you know that paint consists of a primer, you need to apply two coats of paint and two coats of lacquer to get that finishing touch. Then only you will get that high gloss finish touch for your cabinets. Whereas staining requires two coats of seal, stain and three coats of clear finish. If you don’t have enough budget, then staining can be your good-to-go option. Because it lowers the bills of professional installers.

  • It Deteriorates Faster

Due to humidity, the wooden cabinets are affected more. You will get the less quality type of wooden cabinets that will look worn after a few years. Even the humidity can create the hairline cracks onto your cabinets and show up on the joints. Moreover, you can’t do a good touching upon a surface that was already spray-painted.

Pros of stained kitchen cabinets

  • It showcases the natural patterns of the wood

If you select top quality wood, then it’s better to highlight its grain patterns. Cabinets which have been stained tend to maintain that look for years to come and also easy to touch-up. They will give you the feeling of cosiness and timeless, unlike painted cabinets which can go out of fashion anytime.

  • Usually costs less

Generally, the cost depends on the factors like kitchen size, construction of cabinets, manufacturer and more. But stains tend to keep the cost lower. Even if you flip your house, or remodelling the rental unit, you can save many dollars from your pocket. It costs less than paint, though the customised options can be more expensive.

Cons of stained kitchen cabinets

  • Doesn’t look good on MDF

If you’ve added MDF to your kitchen you can’t opt for staining, as both of them don’t go hand in hand. It doesn’t suit well as paint does. So, if you’re thinking to combine the MDF cabinets with staining, then you might need to rethink your idea.

  • Doesn’t hide dust well

It is seen that stains are very bad when it comes to hiding the dust. This is the negative point for both dark stains and dark paints. But if you choose the light and chips colours, they are good at hiding. Dust particles sit more on the dark colours so you need to upkeep and clean them regularly.

So Which One Should You Go with?

So to conclude this comparison, homeowners don’t need to choose between painted vs. stained kitchen cabinets. Instead of that, they can opt for both as it gives a variety and a combination of sleek and timeless. Moreover, it depends on personal preference and choice.

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