How to polishing wood Kitchens and more tips to care for your home


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Method of polishing wood veneer:
• The veneer is polished with a soft, dry cloth or slightly wet with water.
• It is necessary to polish gently and not to use other materials to avoid scratching thin crust.
Methods of cleaning wood with oil:
The ingredients:
• A cup of olive oil.
• Half a cup of lemon juice.
• Bottle sprayer.
1. Mix a cup of olive oil with half a cup of lemon juice well until completely blended.
2. The mixture is placed in a sprayer bottle and well spliced.
3. Then the furniture is sprayed with a mixture and then wipe with a clean, dry cotton pad.
the ingredients:
 Coconut Oil.
• Soft cotton cloth.
1. Proper amount of coconut is processed.
2. Then a soft cloth or cotton towel is dipped into the oil.
3. Wooden furniture is rubbed with circular motions.
Method of polishing wood with vinegar:
The ingredients :
• 2 teaspoons vinegar.
• lukewarm water.
• Soft cloth.
Mix two tablespoons of vinegar with a little lukewarm water.
2. A soft cotton cloth is then dipped into the mixture.
3. The wood is combed with a mixture and is recommended for varnished or oiled wood.
4. The wood is well dried from water effects.
 How to clean the kitchen wood with ash:
The ingredients:
• 3 tablespoons radish.
• 1/2 cup cleaner.
• 3 cups boiling water.
• Large vase.
• Gloves for hand.
• Soft towels.
• Sponge.
1. All windows, especially the kitchen, are opened during the cleaning process.
2. Boil three cups of water and then remove them from the fire.
3. Add half a cup of detergent to boiling water.
4. Then add three tablespoons of ammonia and the occurrence of feces will be observed.
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Types Wallpaper 3D Kitchens:
• It is characterized by the diversity and variety of its luxurious and high-end designs.
• It gives the sense of extension of small spaces.
• It gives the sense of realism design.
• Easy to clean and install.
• Possibility to purchase it in meters.
How to install wallpaper myself:
1. All cracks, gaps and undulations shall be sealed using the putty and left to dry completely.
2. Then smooth the walls with emery paper until it is exactly equal.
3. Clean the walls with water and a light foam cleaner.
4. Paint the glue on the walls to be placed on paper to fill the pores of the walls m.
5. Be sure to start painting or shape on the wallpaper
6. Then separate the paper from the top and top sides and is separated from the middle of the paper out by a sponge or brush or a straight tool to paste the paper well and empty any air or jiggle out.
7. The next sheet of paper shall be placed in the same way, taking into account that the paper is not pulled if there is a mistake in the installation and the alignment of the line between the paper is not completely straightened and then removed completely and then glued again.
8. Be careful not to put the tip or edge of the paper above the previous paper, but be beside them completely with no vacuums.
9. After a third of an hour, the paper is pressed with sponges, especially from the edges of each sheet, to emphasize the absence of breaks
10. Cut the flakes with a sharp tool and straighten and you can install some paper and wait to see the result.

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