Luxor is known for the existence of many tourist areas of the most important of these areas is the Karnak Temple is a piece of architecture and architecture is unparalleled, this temple shows the evolution of ancient Egyptian architecture, we will learn in detail all the information about the temple Karnak ..
The word “Karnak” came from a Persian word Khorang, a word that was read on the palace of Numan ibn al-Mundhir, one of the most famous Arabs before Islam.
Building and design of Karnak Temple:
Karnak Temple is the largest building built for the worship of God, where it was built on an area of ​​two hundred acres.
The temple of Karnak was built from several buildings and temples, such as the Temple of Amun Ra, the Temple of Pietah, the Temple of Mentu, the Temples of Khonsu, Aton, the Temples of Goddess Mott and others.
All the buildings and temples are surrounded by a thick brick wall and this wall has eight doors.


The temple was built at the request of one of the thirty kings of the family. The king was approached by the building of buildings and structures, statues and obelisks, and he offered gifts and gifts to the god.
Temple of Karnak inside:
We start our pilgrimage to the Karnak temple by reaching the marina, which is a high quay for the Holy Compound.
We begin with the facade of the temple, which dates back to the reign of King Ignatio I, one of the kings of the 30th Dynasty. It is a sandstone building. The building has two towers with a gate at the height of 26 meters.
The temple has a large courtyard that is open for celebrations and has an area of ​​eight thousand square meters. On its sides are bouquets with round columns, topped with papyrus capitals, and there are also the rams of Ramses II.
What are the rams?
Statues of rams are statues with a head of a ram and a lion’s body. These rams are located on a 52-meter long road with a width of 12 meters.
What is the Temple of Ramses III?
On the southern side of the courtyard of Karnak Temple is the temple of Ramses III, where it was built for the comfort of the holy boats. The length of 52 meters at the beginning of the statue of the king, and after him rectangular courtyard and exposed on each side rows of 16 columns on each side 8 of them and the area This square 6000 square meters, connects to the entrance was rebuilt in the reign of Ptolemy III and IV.
In the middle of the two rows of columns there are 12 columns in the shape of a scotch, topped by a crown in the form of an open papyrus, and a height of about 22 meters.
Holy of Holies:
During the reign of King Thutmose III, Queen Hatshepsut’s cabin was dismantled and a cabin was built, but it collapsed.


Holiday Hall:
This lobby is characterized by its unique structure, similar to the royal tent built in times of war. This lobby is approximately 43 meters wide and approximately 15 meters wide. It has two rows of round columns in each row.
Geek Amon:
This garden is a rectangular square with a roof mounted on four ribbed columns engraved on its walls by rare and exotic plant species.
Holy Lake:
King Tuthmosis III conquered this sacred lake, which is 80 meters long and 40 meters wide, and Mant is surrounded by a wall.
Temple of God Death:
This temple was built during the reign of King Amenhotep III and was developed and renovated in the Ptolemaic period. It includes two temples, one in the northern corner, the god Khansu Baggers, and the second in the south, dating back to the reign of King Ramses III.
Temple of Montau:
This temple is dedicated to the son of Amon Ra, Monto, the god of war in the Good Trinity. It is located near the Amon Ra compound. This temple is not open to the public.

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