The 5 Best Things to Do in Hurghada in 2019 (With Photos)

Hurghada is the most ancient resort in Egypt. This beauty came into the spotlight when the underwater life of the Red Sea was explored. The country’s economy started booming and Hurghada excursions started to appear on every day to day vacation list.

Tourists poured into the country and the government started heavily investing in turning Hurghada into a magical place. Tourist always portrays Hurghada a perfect spot to move away from hectic routines of daily life. Sandy beaches add a lot to the beauty of Hurghada.

While most tourists spend their time on the beaches or roaming around the cities. The following are must places if you are planning your journey for El Gouna Excursions.

1. Giftun Island

Giftun Island

Giftun islands are the best spots to visit on the boat. This place is made for those who have an underwater phobia. Although the underwater beauty of this area cannot be described in words. But the sea plants and rocks which are close to the shore do good justice to the place beauty.

There is a lot of fish present in this area as well. Those who can’t do scuba diving enjoy clean and see through the water while being on the boat. The clear water gives a soothing feeling to heart, tourist often stays on the boat for hours.

2. Hurghada Aquarium

Hurghada Aquarium

Hurghada Aquarium is the perfect place to visit for the non-swimmers. This place is a great example of what they can find in the Hurghada diving sites. The aquarium is quite old but it does justice with those who don’t go into the water.

The Aquarium has a huge display that shows Red Seaways of marine life. The fish living there are beautiful and there is a huge variety of different species present there.

3. Straits of Gubal

Straits of Gubal

This is present between the Red Sea and the Sinai Penisula. This is one of the best diving sites. The site is very close to Hurghada, it is close strip underwater between two seas. This site is also one of the famous wrecks in the whole of Egypt.

The Legendary Thistlegorm is also among the underwater traits of Straits of Gubal which was discovered in nineteen fifty.

4. Hurghada Beaches

Hurghada Beaches

Most professional tourists often lay great emphasis on booking the resorts because of the beautiful beaches. These resorts are very economical and they provide a jackpot view and access to Hurghada beautiful beaches. Staying a few nights in one of these resorts is a must to get the full experience of the place.

The most beautiful beaches are on the south side of the town. This side is the best side of the Red Sea coastlines. The area is called SahlHasheesh.

5. The Submarine

Submarine Hurghada Red Sea

This submarine may be the only one working in this Sea. Tourist is taken down around twenty-two meters and the experience of underwater life is beyond amazing. No-swimmers can take full advantage of this submarine to view underwater life up close.

So these were the top five places to visit if you are on Hurghada excursions.

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