What is Home Automation and What are the Smart Homes

When we talk about the home automation, we thought about the programmable devices to be controlled by a mobile device from anywhere in the world. But in a broader perspective, home automation refers to the smart homes where every device can be controlled remotely.

It includes the lights, electrical outlets, appliances, cooling, and heating systems. If we consider the security of the home, then our alarm system, digital door locks, windows locks, surveillance cameras, and smoke detectors should also be connected to the automation system.

Usually, an average house provides the automation of electrical devices, lights, and cameras. Other advanced automation systems are not included in the simple packages and in average houses.

If we talk about the complete home automation then villas and expensive homes have each and every gadget automated. The doors, windows, alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and all other devices can be controlled using a Smartphone from any part of the world.

Traditionally an automated home is one where those devices which work on binary functions i.e on and off states, can be controlled remotely. The sensors which work on true or false values can also be controlled with these automation systems.

But in a true sense, any device that can be connected to a network should be controlled remotely in a smart home. These devices then can be controlled by using a user-friendly app. For example, controlling your TV to watch movies, controlling the home security software from anywhere and controlling the security cameras should be completely automated in a smart home.

Expensive villas with the latest smart gadgets can be fully automated by using the home automation system by CRESTRON. This is an award-winning project for the “Best International Project”.

Here you can check complete details of this home automation project, while the summary of the project is below:

  • Crestron Integration Award Winner!
  • Compete House and Garden Crestron AV (Audio Video) System
  • 72 x Audio Zones
  • 32 x Video Zones
  • 24+ Audio Sources
  • 5 x Surround Sound Cinema Zones
  • Complete House and Garden Crestron lighting Control & Dimming
  • In Excess of 400 lighting channels
  • More than 100 Crestron Lighting Keypads
  • Full AC Control over 2 Substantial Villas
  • Super High-End Audio System for Basketball Court
  • Dedicated 8 Seater Home Cinema Room
  • Full Gigabit Network & Wifi Throughout
  • Full IP CCTV throughout
  • Garden Firepit Control!

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