Easy DIY Natural Bathroom Cleaning Tips & Tricks

The bathtub or bathtub may become rusty with water accumulation and become an annoying yellow color, we use soda bicarbonate to clean the bathtub from the. We sprinkle the amount of soda bicarbonate in the bathtub and then put a muff of white vinegar in a bottle of sprays and sprinkle a little on the bicarbonate soda and leave it for minutes and then let the bath with a brush or sponge and then wash the bathtub with water well.

We will notice that the bathtub has become clean and clean without rust.

Easy Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Clean The Bathroom From Yellowing

The bath is often exposed to yellowing due to the accumulation of water and soap. To get rid of this yellowing, you should use a simple mixture of soda, white vinegar, and a bath with a sponge or a sponge. This recipe will be shiny, clean and completely free of yellowing.

Cleaning The Fiber Bath

The bathtubs in the market are the Viber bathtubs, the cleaning of the alpine piper from the dirt and the accumulation of soap and yellowing should be cleaned at least once a day, day after day, not yell, dirt, dirt and hard to clean. So we invite you to the Viper bathtub with a little surface cleaner and sinks diluted with a little water by a bath brush or a sponge, the bathtub will become as clean and shiny as the new ..

Cleaning The Ceramic After Painting

When painting walls or ceilings, a lot of paint falls on the ceramic, and they are completely glued, and we can not remove them by traditional methods such as wiping with the detergent or water or with white vinegar. All these materials شركة تنظيف remove paint stains from ceramics. There is a single and appropriate solution, in this case, is to clear the paint stains with drops of gasoline or jazz with a piece of sponge several times until the paint is completely eliminated.

Method Of Removing The Dyes From Ceramics

Also from the minor infestation that does not disappear abstraction of water or soda bicarbonate or other simple substances are pigment stains on ceramics, these stains need a strong material removed without leaving a trace or damage to the ceramics. We paint stain stains on ceramics by a piece of saplings that are immersed in a little bit of turpentine or benzene. These materials allow the pigment stains from ceramics without any effort or cost.

Cleaning The Cast-Iron Bathtubs

To clean the cast-iron bathtub and make it shiny like the new you know with us a recipe for cleaning the basins, especially the cast iron to get a clean bath is always free of germs and microbes ..


  • Two tablespoons of soda bicarbonate
  • Half cup vinegar
  • Half a cup of chlorine antiseptic
  • One liter of water


Mix all the ingredients together, then spread a quantity in the bathtub in full and give it to the bathroom brush and then leave it for at least half an hour, we must wear gloves to protect our hands from detergents because they damage the skin a lot. We rinse the bathtub with water only and will be amazed at the result.

Cleaning The White Bathtub

To return the white piano shiny and white as snow we must clean daily and do not neglect to clean it so as not to accumulate on the stains and dirt and becomes yellow and very bad color. We will serve you a recipe for simple and inexpensive bath whitening. The recipe is a glut of carbonated soda dissolved in half a cup of white vinegar and added half a cup of chlorine and diluted with a liter of water.

Spread the amount of recipe on the bathtub in full and then leave a quarter of an hour and then brush and finally, we wash the bathtub with water only. We will notice that the bathtub has become white and pure white and completely clean.

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