How to Create a Successful YouTube Channel To Make Money

We all know that YouTube is a platform, which many people are using to make money online. There are millions of users who have created their YouTube channels and they monetize their video content on YouTube. Some of the YouTubers are successful while many are still waiting for things to start happening for them.

Here I will tell you a simple way that you can adapt to get success as a YouTuber.

The first thing you should focus on, is what type of content you can create? Analyze yourself, what qualities and what type of talent you have. Check your abilities and then decide what you are going to create for YouTube.

Once you have decided on your niche, then you should check who would be your competitors. Check different channels about the niche you select. Check their videos, how they present their ideas and how their videos are performing.

Obviously, you can’t check all the stats of a YouTube channel. YouTube shows the channel stats only to the owner of the YouTube channel. So you have to use some good tools that can show you YouTube stats.

You have to check different statistics of YouTube channels which are your competitors. Check their most trending videos, how many subscribers they have, how many videos they have uploaded. Also, try to find which country your competitor is getting most of its traffic.

Though you can’t see how much money your competitor is making out of its videos, different tools that show the YouTube stats also show you an estimate of their total earning. This earing depends on the CPM rate and Adword’s average rate. You can make your decision from this whether you have selected the right niche or not.

One thing you should remember, you must try to provide something new. You should get the ideas from your competitors, but never try to copy their work or don’t try to follow their style. You can do your best when you do the work in your own style.

After creating and uploading your videos, it is not yet over. Try to create your blog and post your videos along with some text and make it keyword rich. Share your videos and blog posts on different social media sites to get some views for your YouTube channel and also try to increase your subscribers.

Remember, you should never try to get fake subscribers or fake likes. Some people try to get fake views as well which is not recommended as if YouTube detects some suspicious activity on your account, they won’t approve your YouTube channel for monetization.

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