How To Chose A Website For Getting A Guest Post For Link Building?

Sharing your content on different blogs is the best way to get natural backlinks for your website. If you are looking for high ranking in Google and other search engines and also want to get some relevant traffic, then getting guest posts from relevant blogs is very effective.

If you ask about the SEO best practice in 2018, then I would say, Guest Posting. But like other link building techniques, you must also be very careful while getting a guest post from a website. You have to choose the website or blog wisely and should notice a few matrics while selecting a website for you.

Check The Relevancy

You must select those blogs for posting your content, which are closely relevant to your website. If your website is about mobiles and computers while you are getting a backlink through the guest posting from a site about women’s clothing, then this is not a good way to go. The girls who are visiting that women’s blog would not be interested in visiting a site about mobiles.

Or, if you want to get a backlink for a keyword “Powerhouse Reign Marketing” then try to get the guest post from the sites which are related to Search Engine Optimization or Internet Marketing rather than getting the post from a travel blog.

It might help you in getting the rankings, but you will not be able to get some traffic through that blog.

Website Must be Indexed in Search Engines

Before you select a website for guest posting, you must be sure that the website from where you are planning to get the post and backlink is indexed in Google, Bing and other search engines. If the site is not indexed then never think about getting the backlink from that site.

If the site is not indexed, it means either site is brand new or the site is banned in Google’s indexed. You can check this by writing this in the search engine:

Here, means the website from where you will get the guest post.

Alexa Rankings

If you have a good budget for getting a great guest post then look for the sites with the Alexa rank maximum at 100K. Normally it is difficult to get the free guest posts from such sites as these sites have a high volume of traffic and most of them don’t entertain the free guest post.

But if your budget is low then anything below 5000K (5,00,000) is good to go. But never get posts which have no Alexa ranking at all.

Domain Authority & Page Authority

Domain authority (DA) is also a good factor to check the quality of a website. Try to get the guest posts from websites that have DA at least 20. If you can get the guest posts from the sites having DA and PA better than 35 than you are very lucky.

If the sites have DA 50 above, then it is a win-win situation for you.

These metrics are provided by the MOZ. Previously, the Open Site Explorer tool was used to check these stats. But now this tool is not working and will be buried at the end of June 2018. Now you can use the Site Explorer by MOZ to check these stats.

Trust Flow & Citation Flow

Trust flow and Citation flow are abbreviated as TF and CF and you can check these stats from Majestic. These values provide information about the quality and quantity of fresh backlinks for that site which you are checking. TF better than 15 is good and so is the case with CF. But try to avoid if the CF is double than the value of TF.

Domain Rank & URL Rank

You can check the Domain Rank (DR) and URL Rank (UR) from a paid tool called AHREFs. This is a costly tool but it provides detailed information about any website you want to check. So if you have access to this tool, you must check the DR and UR of the websites from where you are getting the guest post for backlinks.

These are only a few factors that you must consider before you chose a website for getting a guest post with a link back to your site. There are many more factors which you can learn later.

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