Easy Methods To Remove Bathroom Base, Marble Stains & Carpet Cleaning

How to Remove the Bathroom Base through the Piston?

When it comes to cleaning homes, bathroom cleaning is very important. So here are some tips to remove the bathroom base through piston:

  1. If the water does not flow in the bathroom naturally, we must ensure that the water inside it is not flooded by removing the lid of the bathroom tank and closing the valve lock valve so as to prevent more water from entering the bathroom. The valve can be closed by placing the hand inside. The water inside the bathroom is clean water.

cleaning bathroom piston

  1. We prepare the bathroom by placing paper towels on the ground to absorb the liquid if any water rush occurs. A ventilation fan must also be operated or a window must be opened to reduce unpleasant odors. Rubber gloves should be used if the obstruction is severe. The bath is not clean but the rubber gloves are protected against any germs.
  2. If the cause of the blockage can be seen, it can be removed from the bathroom by hand and the cause may be a child’s play or anything else which is easy to remove.
  3. A large heavy rubber piston can be used, either circular or with a rubber edge folded on the bottom to prevent leakage. The piston should be placed under hot water before use, so as to help soften it. The piston will help to prevent leakage. We use cheap, cup-shaped pistons, they often do not work.
  4. We must make sure that the piston covers the hole completely and we are immersed water, and we work to push and pull water is not air and we add water to the bathroom if necessary and continue to push and pull strongly until the water begins to leak and take this from 15 to 20 times before removing the blockage We may not find the result immediately but will often find it useful after a few repeated efforts to push the water.
  5. If the blockage is still in the bathroom but the water is starting to leave the piston must be left in the bath and put the water back to the normal level, which is after the regular discharge, and then submerged again.

Drains in the bathroom got so many materials that can block the water from flowing out of the house. This blockage will create a bad aroma in the bathroom that can further reach to your house.

If this problem keeps increasing, you will be in trouble and it would be dangerous for your health as well because blocked water can reverse back to the house and can ruin your interior.

So, drain and sewer clearance is very important for any house.

Clean the Marble Stains

before after marble stains


  • Peking soda.
  • Lukewarm water.
  • Old cloth.

Cleaning method:

  1. We put the cloth in the baking soda and then clean it.
  2. After cleaning, we rinse the marble.
  3. The use of baking soda is inexpensive and does not contain chemicals and is an effective disinfectant that does not injure the marble does not dig it, it eliminates the germs and dirt.

Carpet cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the easiest ways to clean carpet and carpet, as it is given a good result in cleaning and because the steam is given a high temperature, it helps to clean the place where we want to clean the special carpet and also facilitate the drying process after washing and also easy to eliminate the solids suspended carpets such as wax stains And the stains of drinks and food that dried, it is easy to clean them because of the high temperature that leads to melting.

carpet cleaning steam

If you want to clean your carpet yourself without calling a carpet cleaning company then you can read more details about carpet cleaning tips here.

You should avoid these things before cleaning with steam:

  • The carpet must be cleaned of the dust
  • Place the stains with a damp cloth
  • Gloves should be worn before steam cleaning to prevent heat from steam which can cause burns in the hands.
  • Wear glasses to protect the eye from the steam.
  • You should read the operating instructions carefully before using the cleaning machine and follow the warnings written on it.

I have carpeted furnishings that can be cleaned with steam

  1. Steam can clean most surfaces in the house, but very carefully and be sure first if the furnishings that we want to clean them suitable for steam cleaning or not there are some tissues shrink from the steam, which burns from the intensity of the heat.
  2. Steam can be used to clean the dust and dust attached to the furnishings in the fabrics made of silk, we use the steam from afar and prevent contact with the cloth completely.

When Purchasing a Carpet Cleaning Machine, Must Consider:

  1. The cleaning machine must be carefully selected and the manufacturer should be checked to see if it is genuine or fake
  2. Make sure the strength of the device and read its places in the cleaning well to know its uses
  3. Choose the appropriate weight of the device so as not to impede movement and also know if it can reach places difficult to reach or not.
  4. When operating the steam machine, water indicators and working-level should be considered.

Carpet cleaning of manicure patches:

  • Put a cloth over the patches of the mask as they occur to absorb the largest amount of them with no rubbing so as not to expand.
  • Use the acetone deodorant with a small amount of it on the end of a cotton piece and place it on the spot of the handkerchief to remove it.
  • Then fill with a water sprayer and a spoon of cleanser free of the ovaries and spray the place of the spot to remove the effects and rub it very gently to get rid of the effects of acetone and the remnants of the manicure
  • Dry the carpet with a cotton cloth and press wet places to absorb water, so do not hesitate to contact the best house cleaning company

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