How to use Disappearing Social Media Messaging App Flashh

Social media is a great way to go viral on the internet. Almost every company is using social media for its business, promotion, sales or even for spreading awareness about a cause in the society. Those who can’t use electronic media to showcase their products they can use social media to reach millions of people worldwide. Social media has the power to convey your message or to tell your problems to your friends and family and other followers.

There are different types of social media platforms that provide you a different way to reach more and more people. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Snapchat, Instagram, Flashhapp and many more are there and all of these are different in nature and have different types of audiences.

Many people are familiar with most of the social media platforms, but Flashhapp has provided a new concept of social media platforms. It is a disappearing social media messaging app which means you can share your content with your followers but it will not stay there for a long time. The content will disappear after a specific time which could be fixed for every post or you can set a custom time for each post while publishing a new post.

It would be wrong to claim that this is totally a new idea, Snapchat is already working on the same style and Facebook also entering into the same style of posting with a new messaging app. But Flashhapp is totally working on this disappearing content and moments theme.

It has almost all the features which you can find on any other social media platform like sharing content on the web or sending messages to your loved ones privately. You can share messages, pictures and videos anytime with anyone.

You can join the platform easily by just providing your name, email and password and then you are all set to follow people and share your content with your friends and family. Just follow this step to share your content:

  • Click on write or upload new flashh
  • Select your option Message or Post
  • Write the message or upload content (photos, videos, links, YouTube videos)
  • Select your friends to share flashh with
  • Set the expiry time of your flashh (after how many days flashh should be removed)
  • Click the flashh button to post your flashh.

Your content will be shared with your friends and it will stay there for the time which you have selected while posting. After that specific time your content will disappear from the social platform and from the internet as well.

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