Tips and Advantages of Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance

For any tech gadget, home appliances, electronics and other items of daily use need the proper maintenance. If you don’t take care of these things you can’t use them for a long time. Same is the case with the solar panels which are widely used in domestic and commercial buildings to save the electricity cost.

Advantages of Solar Panel Maintenance

Like we said earlier everything that you use needs maintenance so there are different advantages you can get if you maintain your products. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  • Long Life: If you allow your solar panel to burry in a lost of dust and dirt or bird drops, they will not be usable for a long time. If you clean the solar panels once or twice a year, you can extend the life for about 1 to 2 more years.
  • Improved Efficiency: When there is dust deposited on the panels, the ability to produce the electricity decreases. If you properly clean the solar panels they will have direct sunlight and can produce more electricity that you can use. So, the solar panel cleaning is very important to improve the output efficiency.
  • Money Saving: You can save the money in two different ways if you properly clean the panels. If you don’t clean them, you might need to replace the existing cells with the new one in 5 years whereas proper maintenance can provide you two more years to use the same panels. Also with the increased efficiency, you can save the cost that you need to pay your energy provider for extra electricity requirement when your solar panel can produce the required electricity after cleaning.

Above three advantages of the solar panel maintenance, is enough to clean the panels too often.

Tips for Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Solar panels get cleaned itself by the rain. But this is not enough. Professional cleaning of solar panel is important and it provides about 12 to 15 percent more efficiency, as compared to solar panels cleaned by rain.
  • Usually, solar cells remain in direct sunlight for all the day and they are very hot. So, only clean your solar panel eighter in the morning time or afternoon where there is no sunshine for a long time. Alternatively, select a cooler day.
  • Get the proper safety equipment to clean your solar panels if you are going to do it yourself.
  • Use the proper solar panel cleaning equipment like a brush and rubber gloves.
  • Before you start the process of solar panel cleaning, make it sure to remove the dust with a brush so that the cleaning process can become easy.
  • Don’t use metal objects on the solar panel. Also, don’t use any hard rod to remove the caked dust on panels as it can put scratches on the glass of panel which will create shadows and decrease the efficiency.
  • Using detergents is not a good idea for solar panel cleaning. So avoid using detergents as well.
  • Only use fresh or relatively warm water with a soft brush or wet soft cloth to remove the dust and other materials from the solar panels.

Hiring a professional for solar panel cleaning could be the best option if you really want to improve the efficiency of your solar panel system. If you want to do it yourself, then it is suggested that you take the proper training first and then you do this work. Otherwise, you should get the services of some expert company.

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