RichCopy: Free and Advanced Utility To Move Large Amount of Files

After reading the headline of this article you might think why you should spend your precious time on reading an article that deals with moving data from one location to another. We all know copying files and pasting them from some other location is just a simple thing and the process is the same for a single file or for thousands of files.

But wait a minute! Have you ever tried moving thousands of files from one drive to another drive or from one storage device to another device? You might not have tried this that is why you thought that it is as simple as moving a single file.

Yes, the process is the same, there is no doubt about it. You just have to right-click after selecting the files, click on copy and then on your destination, you have to click on paste. But those who have tried this, they knew that this is very time taking the process and also there are a lot of problems when you are moving a large amount of data.

Problems Associated With Moving Large Amount of Files

If you want to move multiple files in large amount then you might face the following problems:

  • Locked Files: When moving files from one folder to another, in your collection of thousands of files there might be some files that are locked. It means those files are in use and you can’t move those files. So you might get interrupted again and again that these files can’t be moved and you have to start the moving process again.
  • File Path Too Long: You might also get an error of File path is too long and it needs to be modified. In this case, you will also get interrupted again and again and the moving files process becomes hectic.
  • File System Problems: While moving files to NTFS or from NTFS to another file system, you might get errors about reconfiguration permissions.
  • File Name Already Exists: Sometimes you can also get the error of file name that exists with the same name. So those files either will not be moved and skipped, or the whole process will stop and you have to start again.

These are only a few problems that you can face during the process of moving a huge collection of files. There might be many more.

RichCopy: An Advance Solution To Move Collection of Files

Fortunately, we have a solution to this problem. RichCopy is the best software to move your huge collection of files from one folder/drive/storage device to another. RichCopy is a free application that you can use as a trial base to move all your files with ease.

RichCopy is a software-based on multithreaded technology where multiple processes are created by using virtual cores to deal with moving a collection of files.

You just need to create a job, or you can say you have to schedule the process and configure it and then RichCopy will do the rest. You don’t need to check the progress, again and again, to check out the interruptions. Just configure the job wizard and RichCopy 360 will:

  • Copy either the entire director or modified files from one location to another.
  • Handle the errors of “File is locked”.
  • Take care of “File Path Name Too Long”.
  • Creates destination folders for the same type of data.

And you don’t need to handle any interruptions at all. So, what are you waiting for? Just download the trial version of RichCopy 360 by GuruSquad and make your life easy.

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