5 Advantages of using Disposable or Temporary Email Addresses

Disposable email or temporary email address is a new technology introduced to fight against SPAM. As the name suggests, these temporary emails are disposable which get disposed after some time. You don’t need to delete the emails or to delete the email account at all. Normally after 60 minutes, these temp emails along with all the content gets automatically deleted.

When Should I use Temporary Email Address

It is correct that the power of a regular email is much more than a temporary email address as you can’t use a temp email for your office work as most of the professional work requires all the correspondence through official emails. So you must have a permanent professional email address for your office or personal work.

But, when you have to provide an email address on an online store or to download any software, or you want to create your forum account where a confirmation email is required, you can use a temp mail provided by tempmailaddress service.

Advantages of using a Temp Mail

There are various advantages of using a temp mail, some of which are discussed below:


  • No Registration Required: For a regular email, you need to register with the email provider. But if you want to get a temp mail address then you don’t need to register yourself with the email service provider.
  • Time-Saving: Since no registration is required and you don’t need to fill in the form to provide your information so you save your precious time while getting your disposable email address.
  • Privacy Protection: You don’t need to provide your full name (or even any name), your cell number, your mailing address or any other information. Your temp mail will be anonymous to others so your privacy remains intact.
  • Avoid Hacking: Since it is anonymous email and it remains active for a short period of time, moreover, you haven’t provided any of your personal details, so hackers can’t hack your temp email address in this short interval and without any information about you.
  • No SPAM: Since these are not your personal email address and get disposed of after 60 minutes, you won’t get any spam emails, promotional emails to your personal email address. You are totally protected by spammers by getting not a single SPAM emails because of using that temp mail.

These are only a few advantages of using temp mail for registering on forums, communities or on shopping stores, while there are many other advantages as well. If you need any information about disposable email service, don’t hesitate to use the comment form below.

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