What is Product Design and Its Importance For Your Business

Have you ever noticed that there is an abrupt change in the demand for laptops as compared to personal computers? If you go back about 10 years, you could see computer markets full of personal computers with different designs and accessories and people love to use the latest computers. But then suddenly market experiences a shift of users from personal computers to laptops.

Users showed a keen interest in using laptops and they started avoiding personal computers. The main reason behind this shift was “Product Design” or we can say “a better product design”.

Anything you can do with a laptop is possible with the personal computer but its the ease of use which matters. Product design is actually a way to arrange different features and all the benefits of that particular product and then presenting the product to customers.

The better the product design is, the greater will be the customer’s response towards that product. It was just the product design that gives the laptop industry a boom when the same features are presented to the customer in a product that was easy to carry and also very much affordable for middle-class users.

The same was the case with Sony Walkman which was the hit from Sony. From heavy tape recorders to a small handy walkman was the success due to new creative product design. Apple also presented its iPhone with a touch screen facility was a new and better design.

The features of the first iPhone were almost the same as that of a traditional cell phone at that time. Anything you could do with the iPhone was possible in traditional phones. But the facility to use the phone with a bigger screen without a keypad was an innovation that gives success to iPhone and then every company adopted that product design.

Remember there is always a limit to provide different features to customers. One can’t come up with a unique feature which others don’t have so you can’t beat your competitor with only improving your features. But with a slight change in your product design can boost your business a lot if your design convinces the potential customers that this is the design they were looking for and it was never available in the market before. Your product design can boost your product’s sale even if it has fewer features but still a creative product design will give an edge over your competitors.

Not only in mobiles and electronics, product design is key to success in every field of life from medical to automobiles. In medical, a small example, digital BP apparatus replaces the traditional bulky Mercury BP apparatus just because of a better product design. While in autos, users gave great importance to cars which have unique product design.

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