Share Your Success Story Using WordPress Cool Timeline Plugin

Just like other people, I also wanted to share my success story with others. The main purpose of sharing a success story for anyone is to motivate others for hard and consistent work and to stick with your initial plan which is to achieve your final goal. When I decided to share my story with the beginners, my aim was to encourage them not to lose hope and always hope for the best.

Basically, I am a professional blogger and I have faced many ups and downs in my blogging career. I have found few newbies on my blog complaining that they tried their best but they are not getting the desired outcome.

After reading such comments, I decided to share my success story just to tell them how I faced different problems and how I started my work many times from level zero because of various failures. I knew that people don’t have much time to spend their precious time in reading my long story which has many ups and downs.

So I decided to share that story in an attractive way. I decided to share my story in a timeline format rather than in a blog post format. The advantage of sharing anything in a timeline is that you need to only mention the main points and you can share pictures to describe your point of view for different occasions.

The idea of sharing my success story in a timeline came into my mind when I saw a website owner who shared the story of Steve Jobs in a cool timeline which attracts me and I learn many things about Steve in just 2 minutes which could take up to 10 minutes if I read an article written on the life of Steve.

With that inspiration, I used a WordPress timeline plugin on my website and I divided my success story into 15 to 20 different parts. Each part describes an important happening in my life or my struggle to become a successful blogger.

Cool Timeline was the plugin that I used to describe the ups and downs of my career and I was happy that I describe each and everything in just a few headlines and sentences. It took me only a few minutes to create the timeline which includes a heading to describe the importance of that event, a short description to describe that event and an infographic to say a thousand words in just one picture.

I tried different color schemes for my timeline and finally, I decided to use the multicolor timeline for this WordPress timeline plugin. With this color scheme, my story timeline was attractive and many newbies told me that they have learned a lot from my success story and they get motivation and started their work again with a mission and clear plan.

My 3 years success story was described within 20 points in such a way that many new bloggers knew my 3 years efforts in just a few minutes and they decided to keep doing hard work so that they can become successful in their life.

Thanks to Cool Timeline Pro plugin which provided me this amazing opportunity that I shared my story and the best part was my visitors found it interesting the way I use to tell them the story. Now, I am planning to share my school life events with my old schoolmates using same WordPress timeline plugin so that my old friends can recall the sweet memories of all the events and years we spent together.

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