Do You Really Need and RFID Blocking Wallet Or Not?

Many people ask me that they really want to have an RFID blocking wallet or not? The answer can’t be straightforward in Yes or No. It depends on the situations and the cards or passports you have. If you search for the matter on internet, you will find two different views.

The RFID wallet companies will create a hype that RFID wallet is the need of the day and you can’t survive without it. Whereas the opposite side will totally neglect the use of RFID blocking wallet.

For me, both views are not good. You need to be neutral and need to understand other’s views as well. Yes, this is true that every single person, who has a credit card or a passport, don’t need an RFID wallet.

Whereas companies who are connected with this industry will tell you that you must have that wallet to protect your identity. But the question is why do you need a product that blocks access to those things which you don’t even have.

Have you ever tried your credit card to pay wirelessly? Most of the times at any retail store, they swipe your card and they can’t charge you without swiping because you don’t have an RFID enabled credit card. Most of the credit cards come without the RFID chip.

So when you don’t have a card that doesn’t have an RFID chip, then you are not at risk at all. No one can hack your details wirelessly so in this case, buying an expensive RFID blocking wallet is totally waste of money.

But if you look at the other side of the picture, people who are totally against the use of RFID wallets, they claim that less than 1% people have these RFID scanners who are sitting somewhere near you and can scan your details from the RFID chip so there is no need to spend money on that as the risk is very low.

But if you have a credit card or a passport which has an RFID chip on it, then you can’t take a risk even if it is as low as 0.05%. If I own a card which has RFID chip on it, I will definitely get an RFID blocking wallet as soon as possible because I don’t like to risk my thousands of dollars just to save about $50.

If you want to know more about the topic and have more questions, you can visit this link:

Don’t be on extreme side anytime. Look at both sides of the picture and then make your decisions wisely as per your demands.

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