Things To Consider Before Choosing VPS in South Africa


Are you facing problems with your website performance? Have you ever noticed “Unable to connected to Database” error on your website? Do you face the problem of redirecting each page of your WordPress website to wp-admin/install.php and losing traffic during that time? Do your websites take a long time to load the pages?

If your answers to the above questions are in “yes”, then it is the right time to switch your low performance shared hosting plan to a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Yes, a good VPS hosting provides a solution to higher load times, decreased performance, database connection problems and many other server related issues. If you buy a good VPS hosting based in South Africa, you can notice an improved overall performance for your website and you can increase your sales as well for your eCommerce store.

Before you buy any VPS hosting, you should consider these 6 things while making your final decision.

Hosting Platform

The first thing which you should check before you buy a South African VPS, is the platform of that server. You must be very clear what is the platform of your website? If your website is based on ASP.Net then you should get a Windows VPS, but if you are using a WordPress, Joomla or any other PHP script, then you should select a Linux VPS server for your website for best performance.

Disk Space

You must have knowledge about the data of your website. While choosing a plan, you must be very clear that how much data you can store on your VPS hosting. If you see “Unmetered” in any plan, you must ask for the online support or check their terms of services and fair usage policy to understand how much space is allowed on an average for “Unmetered” storage space. If storage space is mentioned clearly like 20GB, 40GB or anything like this, then you should buy the best package as per the demand of your website.

Database Query Limits

Some servers have database query limits on WordPress websites which results in database connection error during traffic spikes. So you should ask your hosting provider if they have any limit on database queries?

Geo Location

While you are in South Africa, you might have most of the traffic from South Africa so in this case, getting a VPS server which is hosted somewhere else in the world, would not give any advantage. It is strongly recommended that you should buy VPS South Africa based server rather than a server hosted in the USA. It will reduce the load time incredibly.


The speed of any VPS hosting depends on its technology and resources. If you are getting simple 50GB storage from one provider and 30GB SSD storage from another provider than 30GB SSD storage is much better than 50GB storage capacity if your site is using disk space somewhere around 20GB. No need to go for extra storage which you will never use. Same way, if you are getting 1GB RAM from one provider and 2GB RAM from another provider with slightly higher price, then 2GB RAM is better if that little high price is affordable. It will improve your website’s overall speed.

Using a CDN is also a good choice to improve your website’s overall speed.


Most of the people, first look at the price and then they look at the features. This is not the right approach. Your first preference should be the performance of your website. If your low priced VPS can’t give you good uptime and lesser page load time than it is of no use. Better to check the price after you are satisfied with the other technical issues of your hosting provider.

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