Singer 7469 Confidence Sewing Machine & Reviews

The 7469 sewing machine by Singer is a push button machine that offers you 30 pre-programmed stitches. It features the drop and sews system with a needle threader. The needle system has over 13 different positions you can use while sewing. It also features an automatic tension setting. Also, if you are looking to sew buttons on your garments, the Singer 7469 is able to sew buttonholes for you all in one step.

Included with the Singer 7469 confidence sewing machine are different needles, spare bobbins, and special spool caps. Other items that you might find useful in the package include a dust cover and the presser foot switch.

The Singer 7469 sewing machine is loaded with several user-friendly options that will help take your sewing projects to a new level. There is even a stitch pattern that can pass as hand sewn. It is called the hand look quilt stitch pattern; it is pretty nifty. You will fall in love with the drop and sew top drop-in bobbin setup.

It makes it easy to switch to new bobbins and is effective at holding the thread exactly in place with just the right amount of tension.

Singer 7469 Confidence Sewing Machine Reviews

Singer 7469 sewing machine reviews indicate that this is a fairly good sewing machine for the price. It is affordable to many but still has many useful features. Users like all of the stitching options available with the Singer 7469 confidence sewing machine. The machine is very solid and seems to be durable. It is very light so, it’s excellent if you like to sew from different places (i.e., the kitchen table).

It’s also very easy to thread, which can be a nightmare with some sewing machines. The feet are very good and responsive. They have been used in both sewing and quilting applications and work well.

This is a good basic machine. It is more appropriate for simple sewing tasks that most beginners and intermediate sewers would use. If you seriously want to get into quilting or embroidery, then you would probably want to buy a sewing machine that is more expensive and geared towards those types of projects. You always need a sewing machine that is capable of basic sewing functions. The Singer 7469 confidence sewing machine fills that void. It’s a machine that will take care of all of your basic needs at a good value.

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