Hardbound: A revolutionary App of the Era

How was hardbound born?

Hardbound is originally a unique idea of the very talented and truly productive young mind of Nathan Bashaw. The idea of this App creation was floating over his mind for about two years when he was doing a job and facing learning difficulties.

We, often go through lengthy informative content on daily bases, but how many of us are able to absorb a larger part of that information for long? Same is the case with books irrespective of the field they are related to in terms of learning perspective; either science, technology, history, business, and others

These books bring about inspirational transformation in the lives of many. Hundreds and thousands of others dream to follow in the footsteps of some great minds and influences to become one of their kinds. But how many are able to actually pursue and implement the steps taken by these inspiring personalities to be bestowed with success? And the bitter answer is, actually very less. But why?

Take the real-life examples of at least beginning with the idea of some inspirational books that are actually ‘the best sellers’. Most of these books are actually thick; no matter how much magic transformational power they hold, they need a lot of consistent commitment and love.

Mostly, it is observed that people lose the temptation and passion for a book within a few days of reading if you compare with the excitement level involved with starting a particular book. Daily ups and downs and obligations of life have a major interference with this.

Today, people do not have time to commit more than a couple of days to the books. But through reading and implementation of a book’s ideas in your life is obviously a lot of time-consuming.

Nathan’s idea of Hardbound is actually based on the above concept. He made real efforts to bring a significant transformation in people’s life close to that brought by a book, with just a reading of five minutes. Nathan didn’t consider social media to be the resource for this change, like many young minds today do. This is one main reason of Nathan’s distinguishable success today.

What is hardbound about?

Hardbound is a mobile Application, having over 40 million pages today, all revealing different best-selling non-fiction books’ stories in a visual fun and highly interactive way. It comprises of stories based on the best-seller books in various categories, helpful in daily life learning of people of versatile professions.

Every story is about five minutes and comprises of high definition visual content, related texts, and enriched illustrations. Nathan and his highly creative team include the stories on those books that they think will be really worthy for people and would definitely bring a healthy change to their lives. They are never political or misguiding like social media has recently been turning to. They advise people to utilize time with this App, promising to deliver fun time and the actual quality.

The journey of hardbound

Months back when the initial version of Hardbound was released, the team was left with just a minimum amount for their basic expenses of next few months. It was a do-or-die situation, and at that time if someone told this story maker CEO of Hardbound about what magic will Hardbound bring, he would have never believed.

To clear the concept, Hardbound is not a summary of any book; summaries are often dry and just the gist of a book in a factual way. It never brings emotions or learning, and it is not even like a book that imparts a filling emotion till you read it and then you are empty. Hardbound leaves you with a feeling of smart accomplishment with a careful review of five minutes. The team enriches every release with a lot of affection, which never lets the audience be bored.

There was a time when just the App team members were the only admirers and promoters. Now the actual authors are also tempted with the way the Hardbound team reveals their book stories. Now the team has enough money to release new editions every week. Every Thursday, you can find a new release in your inbox. Therefore, the subscribers are never hassled with their inbox spamming.

Success buzz of hardbound

Hardbound has gained a lot of followers and significant promoters with time. Now people look eager to get their intellectual stories published on this platform. Moreover, they even pay the Hardbound team to create stories for them. Apple entitled them as “one of the top Apps” and love to see their stories coming. Fast Company attributed Hardbound among the top ten Apps of 2016. It won the runners-up award of the year too and was entitled number 1 by ProductHunt.

It is expected that the team will soon have access to the author’s book before publishing due to their booming success. There are also high chances that they will be introduced by the authors in the upcoming books inauguration session for simultaneous business benefits. Hardbound has enabled to accelerate the statics of the actual books’ readers within these months.

The team

Nathan couldn’t do all this alone. It’s a joint venture of Erik the designer and illustrator, Max the storyteller and marketer, Molly writer and editor, Will and Joe. It seems that the smart decision of TechStars was taken due to Max, a former member of TechStars.

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