What is B6Z file format and how to open the file with this extension


It is a common practice in saving your digital data that you compress the files and make an archive file of it. The main purpose of compression is to backup your data by compressing it so that a large amount of data can be stored in relatively less storage space while it is also good to save that particular data from virus attacks or being misused by other users on the same computer. The most common formats which many people know are .zip and .rar formats which are used for creating compressed archives.

how to open bz6 files

The above-mentioned formats are mostly used on Windows computers, but for macOS, B6Z is a good compression method which was developed by Mark Adler. Archive folders which are compressed by using B6Z compression method use the filename extension .b6z while the main purpose of this compression is to focus the compression ration to make the file size smaller and also to optimize it for better speed.

During this files compression process, the programmers who developed the compression algorithms make it sure that there is no risk of data loss. Just like other compression formats, B6Z also reduce the size of some files to a great extent while for other files, it may not reduce the size to a reasonable amount. Whether the size is reduced or not, there is no risk of losing your important data in any case.

Once multiple files are compressed to a single archive folder, it is not possible to use the files on some other computer system if that doesn’t have a software to extract the files again. To extract the files a special software is required which can compress and extract that archive folder. For .zip and .rar formats, Winzip software is used whereas to extract the B6Z file with extension .b6z, we need to download B6ZIP software. This software is easily available to download from b6zip.com and it is available under GPL v2 license.

If you want to get this software, then you should download the latest version of B6ZIP which is version 4.6. If you have any questions about how to open the B6Z files or why it is better compressional algorithm than don’t hesitate to ask in comments below.


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