Are you planning a trip to Thailand? 5 Reasons you Must Visit

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If you are planning a vacation trip and you want to catch all the fun and to enjoy various types of places then Thailand would be your first choice. We can say that Thailand is the most beautiful Asian country to visit because it has a beautiful cultural environment and you can find mountains, jungles, beautiful animals, lakes, beaches, established cities, beautiful traditional villages and above all, the most famous and delicious Thai food. Most people from other Asian countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Burma, and China love to visit Thailand because of its best places for tourism.


You can find millions of Chinese tourists in Thailand along with Indians as well. There are various reasons to convince anyone to must visit this beautiful place on vacations. These reasons are mentioned below, but before that, you must have full information about the destinations to visit, events and festivals of Thailand from the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The Street Thai Food

Most of the Chinese tourists love the street food of Thailand, usually in China spicy food is not considered good for health, but tourists in Thailand can’t stop themselves from the spicy and yummy street food. You can have hot and spicy Soup with different types of sauces and fresh green and yellow chilies in that. It will give you an amazing taste which you can’t have in any other part of the world.

The beautiful pink lakes

If you are planning a trip to Thailand from November to February then the lakes of Thailand are the best places to visit. The provincial capital in the northeast, Udon Thani have the beautiful lake covered with pink lilies that catch the eyeballs of the Chinese tourists in Thailand. Most of the non-Thai people don’t know about these lakes, but if you ask from a local guide he will surely advise you to must visit these pink lakes.

Play Football at Beach

What could be more enjoyable practice on a vacation trip than playing football at the beach in the sunset? If you can make some good friends local or other Chinese tourists, you can plan to visit early morning or in during the evening and can enjoy your time in playing football on beach sands.

Spend your time on World’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Thai girl dressing with traditional style

You can find a lot of beautiful beaches in Thailand and it is very famous because of its green and blue freshwater clean beaches. You can spend your whole day on such a beach and you won’t be feeling boring especially if you visit that with your partner or even with your friends.


Lush Jungles and Waterfalls

You can enjoy the lush green jungles, dense forest and beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. You will get amazing views and beautiful scenes and nothing more enjoyable than watching many waterfalls in front of you. You can hike through the jungle but don’t forget to rely on Chinese Tourists Agency for these tours as they are specialized for the safety of tourists in such type of forests where you can find wild animals. So safety comes first and as a stranger, to those places you must hire some tourist agency.


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