What is GPS & Why You Need A GPS Tracking Software

As we all know GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which is developed by the military to track the planes and boats using radio signals that communicate with satellites and provide us the exact locations in meters. But now GPS system is widely used in Cars and public transports. There are many reasons that can convince anyone why he should use a GPS system in cars. There are different GPS tracking software available in the market, I will tell you some main features of GPSWOX which is one of the best available software for GPS tracking.


gpswox tracking apps

  • Real-Time Tracking: GPSWOX provides you real-time tracking for your vehicle, person or any other object. You can find the exact location, address, speed of the vehicle, fuel consumption and travel history. It is very useful if your car is used by your kids, you can monitor at what speed they are driving. So you can call them immediately if you find the overspeeding issue.
  • Instant Notifications: With instant notifications option, you can get notifications when your vehicle leaves a specific geographical area, or you can also get the notification if your vehicle is overspeeding. You will also get the SOS alarms on your mobile if your car is stolen. You will also be notified when the engine of your cars is turned off or on. All these notification can be received via the Mobile app, email or SMS.
  • Supports All Mobile OS: The best thing about GPSWOX is that you can install the mobile app on your iPhone or other Apple device which uses iOS. You can also use this app on your android or windows devices. You can keep yourself updated with a professional mobile app on the go.
  • Fuel Saving: With this amazing app, you can also check the consumption of fuel. If you are someone else is doing the rash driving and using more acceleration than needed your car will consume more fuel. With proper driving, you can save fuel consumption up to 5% or even up to 15%. This app will help you and guide you how to minimize the fuel consumption.

More information you can get from the video which is actually a user manual from GPSWOX.COM


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