What is CDN and How CDN Actually Works

Many website owners have problems with their hosting providers as they claim to provide unlimited traffic, or they claim to provide 100K to 100M traffic per month but website’s face the downtime or some errors when traffic at a single time crosses certain limits. Even we face problems when we get 300+ traffic at a single time. It doesn’t mean that hosting providers had false claims, but it is because every shared hosting has limitations of resources. As long as your website is using limited resources you can get as much traffic as you want. This can be achieved by using a CDN with your hosting. At CDN Wiki you can get more details about the working and advantages of using a CDN but here you will get basic information about what is CDN and how CDN works.


what is cdn
Pic credit: CDNReviews.com

Basically, when you are getting visitors on your website they are sending requests to get files from the server. These files might be images, static pages, CSS files scripting files of the theme of the website. The server sends these files to each user, as a result, your website starts using many resources which can downgrade the performance of the server and as a result can affect the performance of other sites hosted on the same server. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) is the best solution to this problem. The content delivery network is the set of distributed servers deployed at different geographical areas, these servers stores the cached version of your website’s static pages and files and whenever end users requests to access the files from the server, CDN server delivers the required files to the user.

In this way load on a single shared host is divided on different servers from different geographical areas. Due to this divided load shared host can manage more traffic for a single website and keep the website uptime for even more traffic. But for dynamic pages or for the pages which were not still cached will be delivered from the main host. The closer the user to CDN server the faster he will be able to get the web pages. So a CDN not only helps you in getting more traffic but it also speeds up your website and its performance.


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