Solid copper mugs for Moscow Mules: Designed to deliver the best taste!

Copper mugs are one the best containers, which give a super cool feeling to the Moscow Mule and other beverages in the sizzling hot summer season. The Copper metal is one of the best containers with high thermal conductivity, therefore, the coldness coming from the Mule drink will instantly deliver to your hands, lips, and throat in a tempting manner. The drink feels just like the real icy drink and it is certainly not possible to get the same feeling from a high ball glass!

Copper Mugs

Get all the taste temptation without any problem; just use the real mule mugs!

The copper mule mugs are one of the mandatory elements for the Moscow Mules. Many people  have reported that the Mule drink prepared at home does not feel the same as in the bars; the missing element were surely the copper mugs. Personally, I think that the natural characteristics of the copper mugs cater about half of the taste needs while the other half is covered by my own emotional requirements. On the fair side, I just cannot imagine to have a mule drink without a copper cup.
One must also bear in mind that the solid copper mugs for Moscow Mules have high tendency of temperature conductivity and they develop a thrilling and sensational feeling. Therefore, it is better to eliminate the plated ones from your list. Yet, nickel plated mugs generate the same feeling and they are always a safe option for personal use.

Best Mule Mugs served for you only!

Moscow Mule cup set is available at in sets of two, four and more to fulfill your varying needs, and can be purchased at the best prices from there without any problem. The cups can accommodate 16 oz capacity and are perfectly shaped for the mule drink mixture.

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