Get the perfect taste of Moscow Mule with the real Moscow Mule mugs!

The metal copper is utilized since thousands of years for the manufacturing of drinking vessels. It was long ago when the Moscow mule mugs were brought to the town in the year 1940s, particularly for the cocktail, which demanded its own copper mug.

Copper mugs: The essential element for Moscow Mule!

moscow mule mugs
Many cocktails need particular utensils. For Moscow Mule, copper mug is essential. The Moscow Mule become a hit within a few years and was largely promoted because of its great taste and latest cocktail trends. Copper mugs soon became the talk of the town because of the special taste which they give to the Moscow Mule.

For the testament of the correctness of the taste of the drink, you can avail the original Moscow Mule mugs on Here, they can be brought at the best prices and delivered with free shipping all over the country. The copper mugs sold here just weigh about 16 oz. along with the perfect dimensions. They have the ideal weight and size for the mule drink. Only pure copper mugs are the ones that can provide the right taste for this purpose.

Want to make up your own Moscow Mule: here is a perfect recipe!

You can make up your own Moscow Mule mixture! For this purpose, you have to mix up two ounces of vodka along with four ounces of ginger beer, which is the right amount for a perfect taste. You can also use ginger ale with it, but ginger beer is the best thing to use for this purpose.

 Also insert one ounce of lime juice in it. Then, take a lime wedge and garnish the whole drink with it. Make sure that everything is in perfect combination in the Moscow Mule mug and then you will really enjoy!

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