How to Care For a Newborn Baby

               The arrival of a newborn baby always elicits a lot of excitement and joy to the parents as well as other close people. But this kind of emotion may not be full if the correct preparation is not adhered to, especially for first time parents. Small as it might be, the baby requires a lot in terms of necessities right from the time the mother leaves the maternity ward.
Of most importance is the best way to feed the baby with the concern being the kind of clothing the mother should wear and the items that might be used to supplement breastfeeding. For mothers who opt to breastfeed, they will need a breastfeeding pillow and a breast pump to make the process more efficient. Other items for the mother may include lanolin lotion which is effective for the treatment of sore nipples, and several storage bottles to keep the breast milk in.
Diapering is equally important considering that the young baby goes through many diapers especially in the early months. To go in line with the diaper, baby wipes are a must have, simply because the skin of the baby needs to be kept dry and free from rashes. They also work perfectly in keeping the diaper odor at bay.
Not to be forgotten is the wide variety of babies clothes, and here you might choose to purchase the newborn baby clothes plus baby giftsets all at one go. Conversely, some mothers choose to buy items such as baby shoes as the baby grows. In summary, you will require several of these items; t-shirts, socks, newborn mittens, onesies, gowns and pants.
Most of the problems among infants are caused by poor care therefore emphasis should be laid on the best care to keep the baby free from ailments and if sick, the proper attention should be available. The regular use of a thermometer to check baby temperature can help manage some of the common ailments. For bathing the baby, look for a special bathing set which includes a towels, shampoo and washcloths. Remember that the umbilical cord requires special attention and the skin will have to be regularly treated with lotion. Although some parents have nurseries already set for the baby, most of them choose to sleep in the same room in the initial weeks. To do this, you either use a co-sleeper or a portable crib.
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